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Remote Management

o Visatech provides interactive menu systems for restaurants, hotels, clubs and cafes.
o Vivid images and videos of your products and services in your menus will easily attract customers.

Create Your Own APP

o The application is fully customizable and can be integrated with your management system.
o Visatech will take care of all the complicated issues, so you can fully focus on your business.


o Take pictures and send your pictures to your friends and family.


o Visatech’s kiosk can be used to serve multiple functions! It can be used to print out photos, print out waiting number tickets, and take a number system.
o Printing system will assist you to attend to your customers more responsively. This will result in reduced costs and increased productivity.


o Visatech's R-tree CMS Program controls advertisements from network connected computers and an on/off switch in your office..

Android TV

o With assistance of Android TV, Visatech’s application development is focused on creating programs that meet your needs.

Steps in Our Works



· We have number of different types of kiosks that can fit your project. We also help you select a digital signage that will complement your project.

· Request for Quote Letter:

Customized Designs

· Visatech’s design team will create dynamic and eye-catching contents that enhance your brand and ensure the success of your digital signage projects.


· Visatech is an experienced manufacturer, our high-quality production line produces the newest digital signage in best price.


· Our goal is quality deployment of our customers’ digital signage projects. Visatech gallery shows the quality of our installation.

Our Latest Products

Digital Signage - Visatech

Swivel Kiosk
Android Monitor
All In One PC
Information Kiosk & Multivision

Visatech Gallery

Get inspired! Browse our gallery in use to start your creative process.

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We have successfully completed over 600 digital signage related projects for over 300 clients since 2009.

We value our clients. Our clients’ success in their communication and branding goals using our digital signage products and service is the utmost importance to us.

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Digital Signage - Visatech

Visatech has over 10 years of experience in display development and innovative solutions.

We utilize the newest in digital signage technologies to create dynamic, visually engaging customer experience for businesses and retailers.

We provide a wide range of flexible digital signage products and support software that enable us to provide customized kiosks, contents and cloud services. Visatech has two main production lines in operation in Guangzhou, China and Seoul, Korea.

Our Customers

Visatech has successfully supplied digital signage products, kiosks and 4K monitors to Samsung, BMW, Volkswagens, Incheon International Airport, educational institutions, casinos and restaurants in South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.


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Are you interested in becoming an authorized reseller of Visatech? We welcome any partners with sales and service capacity throughout the world. Please feel free to contact us and our representative will contact you within 1 business day.

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